"The Bridging Process" is a skillfull means of removing limiting beliefs. The Bridging Process has been given by Ascended humanity to those of us not yet ascended. It has been developed over the last several years through my work with clients and collaborators. It is a simple process, basically a form of prayer.  The underlying principle of "The Bridging Process" is that you are the creator of your reality. Any situation you find yourself in is your creation, the result of choices made in this life (or previous lives in the case of karma to be completed.) And so, as the creator of your reality, you had some reason, some need to create the situation you find yourself in. For the situation to change, you must change. You will find several examples of how to use and benefit from "The Bridging Process" in my new book called "My OUTRAGEOUS! Spiritual Adventure."  Read More on Amazon.com:

β€œAnd you? When will you begin the long journey into yourself?”
— Rumi