Cause and Effect. Also known as Karma

A formula to apply in order to understand the cause and effect chain is as follows:

1. Karma - Karma is cause, it drives the circumstances of your birth, or your environment.

2. Environment  -  Drives experience (pleasant or unpleasant)

3. Experience - Drives the formation of beliefs (this is how it is!)

4. Beliefs - Drives expectation about ‘the way it will be’ (different from one person to the next) these beliefs create:

 5. Expectation, resulting in (the same or similar) experience, reinforcing your beliefs, resulting in stronger beliefs. And round and round we go, the same damn thing over and over.

Beliefs Create Experience

Your experience of your life is driven by your beliefs about yourself. These beliefs about yourself result from your initial experiences. Beginning with incarnation, gestation, your birth, then your childhood up to about age 7, you accumulate experiences on a daily basis and generate your own version of ‘This is how it is’. Then you live it.

Selfless Service

Karma is cause. The basic concept here is this: whatever you put out you get back. True within your current life, also true across multiple lives. This leaves you dealing with your karmic accounting in your present life. How to help yourself? ‘Service to man is service to God’. Find ways to serve others.

Accept Your Divinity

The circumstances of your birth define the arena you strive in. Life gives you what it gives you, what do you do with it? You have the power of choice. Choice is a divine act. Even though you may not yet see how it can happen, choose now to overcome your limitations. Choose now to express your Divinity in this life.

You are an Explorer of Consciousness

You are an explorer of consciousness. When the opportunity arrives to grow beyond what you see as your personal limitation,  go for it. Take a chance. Draw outside the lines. Have fun with it. It’s ok if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing; remember Christopher Columbus thought he was sailing to India when he bumped into America!