Kevin Michael Retreats The El Portal Sedona Retreat - Feb 2014 Kevin Michael Retreats   The El Portal Sedona Retreat - Feb 2014

Spiritual development is the path we are all walking. Removal of obstacles and other limiting factors makes the journey easier and quicker. Lost in the woods, you can wander around and hope to find your way or, get some help. Enjoy the assistance of an experienced facilitator and speed your progress on the path.”



~ Kevin Michael

The El Portal Sedona Retreat with Kevin Michael

February 8 -13, 2014 Sedona AZ

Open the inner door of your consciousness...

Experience the Truth of Who You Are - The Divine Presence

Major topics for this retreat include:

- Remove Obstacles to Self-Awareness

- Release Karmic Ties

- Forgiveness of self & others

- Establish/Strengthen Healthy Boundaries

- Remove Your Limiting Life Patterns

- Establish Life Affirming Beliefs for Yourself


'Until you make the unconscious conscious, 

it will run your life and you will call it fate.' - Carl Jung